The Sacred Land of Wine

The country that has introduced the divine drink to humanity is experiencing a revival of wine making traditions nowadays. We keep our centuries-old traditions combining them with modern technologies scientific potential.
Wine-making, being recognized by the Armenian government as a priority sector of economy, is booming nowadays. The vineyards are expanding rapidly, new wine-making factories are being established in Armenia and the wine tourism is attracting more and more people from all over the world.

Traditionally the most famous wine making area in Armenia is Areni village in Vayots Dzor province but since ten years other province such as Armavir or Aragatsotn are successfully competing with Areni. The wine made in these areas in getting more and more popular in foreign markets.

Dream Explorer Armenia offers:
1. exclusive wine tours to one of the wine growing regions when you will have a chance to visit several wineries during one tour and
2. combined wine tours as a part of classic ones.
Choose wineries which you would like to visit and get familiarized with Armenian six millennia wine-making traditions and enjoy your day!!!