The Dream Explorer travel agency was founded by former military officers, who served in the Army for quite long time with active experience in different hotspots throughout the globe. After the active service in the Army one of them was overtaken with winemaking and the other one with hiking and exploring the hidden treasures of Armenia. This is why the company offers such a wide range of experiences.

The main mission of the company is to popularize Armenia among the tourists all over the world, making it one of their favorite destinations which Armenia really deserves.

We are going to do that by offering a responsive, sincere, transparent and value driven services, by being flexible and of course by taking care of our customers. We also offer permanent 10% discount for all the retired officers irrespective of the country of duty. And please be informed that 7% of our profit will go to the foundation of reintegration and rehabilitation of retired Army officers and soldiers.

We do our best to build reliable, strong and long term relations with our customers.